The Power Of Mutual Masturbation

At Exotic Kiss Adult Shop Australia we know that one sexual pleasure that all genders and sexualities can enjoy on their own or with a lover is masturbation.

... But have you ever considered exploring the pleasure of Mutual Masturbation?

This idea usually surprises people, after all most people think of masturbation as something you do on your own, in private - however have we got a pleasurable surprise for you!

Masturbation is a great solo activity - in fact, we encourage this amongst our Sex Toy For Men Customers and Sex Toy For Women Customers, for those who are in relationships or are exploring their sexuality freely, uncommitted.

Mutual Masturbation should not be a sexy secret you keep to yourself, which is why in this blog we are going to share with you six reasons why Mutual Masturbation is so much hotter!

1. It Is VERY Intimate.

Believe us or not, Mutual Masturbation is more intimate than “regular” sex. Not only does it require the same sexual vulnerabilities but you are sharing something that before now has always been for you in your alone time.

Intimacy and Vulnerability are linked. You cannot have the one without the other, so this means that since you are masturbating together (mutual), it also will collect you and your lover on a deeper level - no matter how long you have been together, or how long you both last while playing this round.

2. It Is VERY Hot To Watch.

Why? Well, think of it like live porn. Chances are you have watched masturbation videos or read some erotica, now you are about to experience this sexual activity live right in front of you and you may even be invited to participate by your partner!

We think that watching the person you love and are crazy about bringing themselves pleasure is one of the ultimate sexual visual experiences you can share in your relationship.

3. Secret Is Out - Your Partner Will Know Your Technique!

It’s a fact that MOST people will climax when they masturbate, even if they struggle. This is why masturbation is a popular sexual experience for many, because they know how to touch themselves in the right way and all the right places to reach climax.

Mutual Masturbation is you and your partners chance to discover that secret you’ve been keeping in private, so they can see and experience exactly how you reach orgasm so they can help get you there in the future. What a great way to encourage more sex and more orgasms right?

4. Inspire Endless Fantasies and Desires.

You can never have too many of these and that is why we have carefully selected the top selling adult pleasure products for your enjoyment.

Explore your desires and fantasies together with the best sex toys in Australia, delivered discreetly to your door.

5. Rushed For Time? It’s Quicker Than Full Sex.

There is nothing worse then being both in the mood but stuck for time being rushed for work or needing to take the children to school. Well, Mutual Masturbation will solve this problem because it is quicker than engaging in full sexual intercourse. Simply kissing throughout, lend a hand and a few minutes later you are both out the door with a smile on each others face!

6. How About Some Health Kicks?

Sex, Masturbation and Orgasms all have incredible health benefits so the more masturbation time the better you will be health wise. Whether you engage in masturbation solo or together, you can expect to enjoy the following health benefits:

- Lower Stress
- Better Sleep
- Cleaner and Clearer Skin - Happier Mood

So... why not explore mutual masturbation with these incredible sex toys and packages designed for couples of all sexualities.

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