How To Initiate Sex With Your Partner

Whether you’re in a long-term relationship, one that’s new or more casual, initiating sex with confidence can be a little scary!

At Exotic Kiss Adult Shop Australia we are passionate about helping men, women and couples across the country enjoy their sex lives.

We have done some digging and found some helpful resources that we think will help you and your partner feel more comfortable talking about and initiating sex in your relationship.

Initiations .VS. Invitation.

Let’s start with Consent.

It is important to always think of sex as an invitation to an Exotic Kiss. (see what we did there?).

When you are invited to explore sex with your partner this gives both of you the opportunity to comfortability engage in this pleasure together mutually and when there is no force the sex is going to be mind-blowing.

Never let it get you down that you and your partner are not ready for action at the same time, perhaps they are tired or have had a difficult day, feeling body conscious or stressed. Take the time to communicate with your partner and see where the moment leads you, even if you just end up cuddling (which is still pretty good right?).

Appreciate What Makes Each Other Unique.

At Exotic Kiss we know and understand that everyone feels very differently about sex, how and when they want to experience pleasure.

One of the main barriers for couples is that there is an assumption that the partner shares similar turn-ons which can lead to rejections that can leave each other feeling confused or undesired.

If you are looking to initiate sex with your partner perhaps it is time to ask or explore the ways that turn your partner on so that way you can open the communication to sex with ease and without fear of being a turn-off.

The Invitation.

Now that you know how and when your partner is ready for pleasure, it will be much easier for you to invite them to enjoy sex with you.

But how?

Here are some of our recommendations for starting the conversation and getting personal with your partner:

1. Get Personal

Sex is never initiated because one person wants to have sex, it is initiated because both people want to feel sexy and desired by their lover equally.

So when it comes to getting in the mood be ready to explain exactly what it is your partner is doing that turns you on so you can recreate this moment, never be afraid to have these conversations and become more personal with each other. Nothing will make your partner more excited then knowing exactly what about them you find seductive.

2. Talk Dirty

Is your partner having a stressful day? Send them a sexy message during the day and tell them what you cannot wait to do with them when they get home. Keep it personal and clear and you will spend the day distracted by something more exciting which will have stress fading away.

3. Sex Toys

The excitement that comes from exploring sex with your partner by using sex toys is one that hundreds of couples Australia-Wide trust Exotic Kiss for top-rated, high quality and affordable sex toys online.

4. Get Kinky

We know that couples love exploring new things once they have opened up sexual communication in their relationship and getting kinky and exploring fetishes and fantasies is something we certainly cater with our broad range of Bondage and Fetish Toys.

At Exotic Kiss Australia we believe Sexual Pleasure is an adventure, whether you explore on your own (Sex Toys For Men and Sex Toys For Women) or with a lover (Sex Toys For Couples), we want your journey to be exciting!

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